Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

"We Recovered From Bulimia
Using These 3 Techniques. You Can Too."

Discover how hundreds of women are recovering using my
practical step-by-step online recovery program

Shaye has recovered from bulimia

 Simple Online Bulimia Recovery

How I Eliminated All My Binge Urges And Forgot How to be Bulimic!

Discover A Recovery Community That Truly Understands You

I have been a part of the community for a little under a month and have found it and Shaye's recovery guide to be so helpful. This comes from a person with 12 years of bulimia that has gone through doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and psychiatrists, to name a few. Its awesome to have support and be able to say things in a group of people that truly understands!

How Support Magnified the Effectiveness of these Techniques

Support was like the glue in my recovery. It helped me stick with the 3 techniques long enough for them to work their magic.
I had tried to fight bulimia alone countless times before. But it was only when I had support that I began making real progress. It took the battle out of my head and into a place where I could talk it through rationally.

Hundreds of Women are Using These Techniques to Recover. You Can Too.

After my recovery 7 years ago I started helping other women beat bulimia. After seeing these techniques work time and time again, I launched the bulimia recovery program. It is an online program where you can practice the 3 techniques and get all the support you need.


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